Heller Industries Contributes to Industry 4.0 Through Integration with the Panasonic PanaCIM? Enterprise Edition MES Software

As a Panasonic Total Solutions Partner, Heller Industries is able to offer a deeper and wider range of opportunities to electronics manufacturers globally.

Heller is working together with Panasonic Factory Solutions to deliver an integrated production floor by enabling its reflow soldering ovens to work in conjunction with other automation machinery through a standardized and centralized enterprise software solution from Panasonic - PanaCIM®

This is another contribution from Panasonic and Heller Industries to Industry 4.0 and today's electronic manufacturing industry standards.

A multi-level, modular manufacturing execution system (MES) software, PanaCIM® is a complete production eco-system for any size manufacturer. From the machine-level to the cloud-level, it adds new capabilities and automates processes across the entire manufacturing operation.

Panasonic PanaCIM