Heller始终从环保理念出发,不断提升和完善回流焊产品的设计和应用。 我们尽一切努力来减少对环境的影响,提升环保意识。


Heller Industries believes it is very important to be a good Corporate Citizen.

Heller Industries has implemented systems that comply with the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct (EICC).

To that end, Heller is committed to sustainability and to minimizing our impact on the environment through the following approaches:

  • Conserving our natural resources & Reducing use of non-recyclable products
  • Creating designs for our equipment that conserve natural resources
  • Educate and motivate our employees and agents to operate in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Conducting Eco-Friendly operations that do not compromise quality or service to our customers
  • Waste Reduction both in our factories and through our equipment usage
  • Heller has never had any fines or penalties due to environmental issues
The positive impact to our business based on the initiatives and programs implemented in our global operations at both Heller Korea and Heller China operations has resulted in the following:

Heller Metric

Q1 & Q2 2015 vs. 2016 (Per Machine Basis)

Electric Bill Reduction


Green House Gas Reduction %


Electric Consumption Reduction (KW/H)


Water Bill Reduction $


Water Consumption Reduction (M3)


N2 Gas Bill Reduction $


N2 Gas Consumption Reduction (KG)



Heller设计团队不断努力工作,以开发出节约能源,环保的工具。 Heller最新开发了"ECO"系列产品,该系列严格遵循环保设计理念。

  • ECO系列有诸多优化设计,如:均衡热风加热模组(BFM),与之前的30英寸加热模组相比,耗氮量减少50%以上。
  • 通过各种低耗电技术(如智能排风系统)的应用,最多可减少40%左右的耗电量。
  • 同时,前瞻性的技术应用(如助焊剂反应器)可在分解助焊剂的同时减少氮气的消耗量。




  • Heller提倡工厂材料的循环使用和废物的回收再利用。
  • 安装了回收箱来回收墨盒、塑料品和办公用纸。

The implementation of these programs has resulted in an 11% increase in the volume of waste recycled in our global operations.


Heller意识到,开展环保行动要从员工抓起。 在过去的一年中,Heller在经营中将提高环保意识放在首位。 为了减少燃料消耗,Heller提供了弹性工作时间,避开了交通高峰时段。

Labor Relations and Human Rights

Heller Industries is an equal opportunity employer and are in compliance with all labor laws and regulations for our facilities in the United States, Korea and China

Heller Industries has never had a human rights grievance or violation.

Quarterly employee & management communication update meetings are held at all global facilities

Employees receive on average 42 hours of training per year

8% of our employees in our manufacturing operations facilities participate on joint management and worker health and safety committees

All employees are updated quarterly on our worker health and safety programs